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NCSECU introduced that they now offer their customers “Another Chance“. This bonus, which assists protect customers from SECU bounced checks from them, as nicely as overdraft charges.

What NCSECU does is that they offer you a separate account that holds some extra cash in it. Whenever you create a withdrawal, or write a examine more cash than you’ve in public staff credit union account, the 2nd account is used to create a distinction. If there is adequate on this account to cover the excess amount, as customers aren’t charged an overdraft.

This banking services has been proposed NCSECU for over 20 years, but current updates using technology to expand let overdraft packages.

That is exactly where ‘Another Chance’ comes into play. Now checking account holders will receive a text message when there aren’t adequate funds in their account to cowl the purchase or payment. Account holder than to the end with the day to deposit cash into your account to include the difference.

Sue Douglas, SVP SECU Operations, stated: “It has never been the focus of SECU to benefit from members’ errors, and we feel confident that our efforts over the past two years have resulted in an overall plan that will minimize returned items and any potential fees for members. Another Chance is a terrific addition to SECU’s ongoing efforts to put financial literacy into practice and keep money where it belongs – in the pockets of our members!

Go to NCSECU.ORG and SECUMD.ORG for more informations

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